Wednesday, February 18, 2015

my favorite instagram accounts

instagram is, without a doubt, my favorite social media platform. i love getting a glimpse into the everyday lives of my friends as well as people i admire from all over the world. it's such a happy (like little kid in a candy shop happy) and inspiring place for me. when i saw that the b bar's blog linkup this month was about sharing your three favorite instagrammers i signed up immediately!

{who are your three favorite instagrammers and why?}

parisinfourmonths / carin olsson
carin's feed is breathtakingly beautiful. it's a love letter of sorts to her adopted city of paris. i will say that her feed is probably the main reason why i want to take a trip to paris so badly. until then, her instagram snaps will more than suffice.

paperfashion / katie rodgers
katie is so immensely talented. i wish i could somehow capture some of her imagination and creativity in a bottle and use it myself! she is innovative with her work and doesn't limit herself to any medium. i can't help but smile whenever i come across one of her snaps in my newsfeed!

amnorton1212 / allison norton
remember how i said instagram is such a happy place for me? i may or may not have been indirectly referring to allison's feed. seriously. all of her pictures are brightly-colored, and i often find myself trying to come up with excuses as to why i need to move to southern california!

it was really difficult to narrow down all of my favorite instagram accounts to only three. however, these three collectively embody my favorite instagram practices, which is why they're my favorites!

1. post often, but not too frequently. my favorite users are the ones that either post every day, or every few days, but never fill up your feed with picture after picture.
2. share pictures that are bright! pictures come out so much better in natural light. if a picture was dark or yellow-toned to begin with, usually the amount of editing that goes into it will make the picture grainy.
3. composition is key. when taking a picture focus on the subject matter and shy away from busy backgrounds or too many props.
4. don't take it too seriously! it's just a small, square photo after all!

below is a list of all of the other participants. be sure to click around to see who everyone else chose, and hopefully you will find a few new accounts to follow!

the b bar / annie reeves / alyssa j freitas / cake & lilies / liska monet / the not quite adult / equal parts of a whole / carrie loves / a loyal love / paper and skyscrapers / glitter, inc. / skc marketing / shenanigan-ska / elana lyn / sponsored by coffee / always craving / all the pretty stars / business betties / perfect enough for us / always anita / a little leopard / a girl for granted / tortoise in the sun / the yuppie files / healthfully ever after / urban pixxles / roam + golightly / preppy panache / brikasia / white cabana / idalia photography / little wild heart / wearing pearls / the everyday adventurer / splendor in spanglish / life modifier / post grad in pumps / alessandra marie / random little faves / pr girl diaries / modish & main / 26 and not counting / pretty much design studio / grace notes / girl in betsey / something good / life with the champions / pattern me pretty / simply nicole / the fashionable wife / cassandra monroe / i am amber nicole / southland avenue / english mamma / cake over steak / york avenue / jenn inspired / hitha on the go / beauty and the pitch / cedar and rush / luv in the bubble / des moines darling / cheyenne mojica / step brightly / soak and simmer / a touch of teal / paris vs the world / style and free / lovely friend / a few of my favorite things / the blue bijou / pr blonde / leigh claire / moonlight chai / meg biram / victoria mcginley


  1. Paris in four months has been popular in the linkup and I can see why!

    Alyssa J Freitas

  2. ahhhh such beautiful feeds you follow! love them all, xx!

  3. It was hard to not pick @parisinfourmonths, too! Great picks, Caitlin! And yes, Allison's feed=insta happiness!



  4. I love how colorful Allison's feed is! Monochromatic feeds can be really pretty, but I tend to gravitate toward the ones that look a bit more like hers. :)

    Always, Anita

    1. yes, accounts similar to hers are my favorite too!

  5. Love your picks! They are all so colorful and fun!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  6. Oh my gosh - I'm obsessed with parisinfourmonths too! Such beautiful photographs and a brilliant, as you said, "love letter" to the city.

  7. Great picks! I'm definitely going to have to check out @parisinfourmonths because I'm going to Paris for a short weekend in April!

    1. lucky! you should definitely check out her account, i'm sure you'll get lots of ideas on places to visit!

  8. Such a pretty round up of feeds, your blog is beautiful too! I love how you set up the photos in this post. Consider me a new follower :)

    Amber Nicole |

  9. Beautiful choices!! I love your pretty blog, too. So glad to have linked up!!


  10. Oh my gosh, Katie is so talented!! Thanks for introducing me to her feed. Love the linkup!

  11. Paris in four months has been recommended 3 times in this linkup so far- I'm finally getting the hint and following her. Now I'm craving a trip to Paris.