videos i watched this week

i watch dozens of youtube videos every week. i’ve saved all of my favorite workout videos into playlists, i’ll have makeup tutorials playing in the background while i get ready for work in the morning, or i’ll watch a video or two while i get ready for bed. here are a few of my favorites from this past week.

Mac Miller’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert
this video started circulating around after Mac passed away. although i enjoyed the full set, “2009” (starts at the 10:50 mark) is my favorite. it’s beautiful and heartbreaking.

Katie Jane Hughes does Estée Lalonde’s makeup
i could watch Katie apply makeup all. day. long. i love that she puts emphasis on skincare prep—even when she’s applying makeup—she wants skin to look like skin. this natural and glowy look she did on Estée is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Butt + Abs workout with Jake Dupree
the PopSugar Fitness channel is my go-to for workout videos. i’ve saved all of the videos where Jake hosts the class. he’s super entertaining as an instructor and he makes you work hard.