stuff i bought last week

i haven't been feeling very creative or motivated over the past few weeks. it's been frustrating, and it definitely doesn't feel very good. i realized it had been a long time since i last picked up a pen and drew anything. drawing almost always helps me feel better! it's relaxing and helps me chill out for a bit.

i spent a few hours drawing some of the things i bought last week. i am trying to be a bit more mindful of how i spend my money, and these illustrations help put things into perspective. i probably shouldn't have spent close to $6 on only two grapefruits at whole foods... but they were so good that i don't really regret it! next time i'll buy them somewhere else.

i had read about this root lifting hair product on a blog and wanted to try it out! my hair is seriously flat and i'll try anything that promises volume and bounce. on my way to the checkout line i got distracted by the packaging of this face wash–no really, it's so pretty! the hair product ended up being a miss for me, but i really like the face wash!

fine point pens and pencils are my everything. i used both of these pens to make these illustrations!

i'm still limiting my coffee intake and only drink it during the weekend. i make it worthwhile, though. helloooo caramel swirl iced coffee. (also, technically i bought this with a gift card so it didn't cost me anything!)

i've had my eye on the swing trench coat from everlane for almost a year. it arrived late last week and i love it! if anyone else is thinking about ordering it, i would suggest going a size down as it has a boxy shape to it. i'm usually a medium, but i still have plenty of room to move around in the small!


i've never really been a fan of birkenstocks. my whole body cringes at the sight of them. why. why would you buy those. no. absolutely not.

last summer, i started to come around to the whole "ugly sandal" trend. i wouldn't say that i loved them, but i definitely came close to buying a pair a few times. i'm sure my sister would vouch for me and say that i came to her several times to get a second opinion on color/style choices. however, once i added the sandals to my cart, i would almost immediately remove them and talk myself out of buying them. this cycle repeated itself quite often. every time i saw someone on my instagram feed with their birks i got the urge to get myself a pair. i would classify it as shoe fomo.

this year i'm totally on board with birkenstocks, and similar footbed-style shoes. there are so many styles to choose from, and so many other brands have picked up on the trend, offering even more variety. i've already made it pretty clear how i feel about these beauties from loeffler randall, but if i were to buy a pair of birkenstocks it would definitely be the madrid style–i love the matching white sole on this pair!

if footbed sandals aren't your thing, but you still love the double band style, this sandal from joie is really popular. and this sandal from steve madden, and this one from old navy are similar styles at a less expensive price. i think of these sandals as the distant (more refined, less chunky) cousin of the birkenstock.

tell me, what are your thoughts on birkenstocks?